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The client contacted Forefront Construction for assistance repairing a bowed and cracked foundation wall and an outside staircase leading down into her basement.

The Seattle, WA homeowner was concerned with the foundation of her home she did not want to leave the bowing foundation walls in their current condition potentially resulting in further foundation settlement and damages to her home. She had already noted visible cracks and settlement in her walkways and staircases. Our design specialist inspected the foundation of her home in both the basement and crawlspace areas.

After careful examination using advanced equipment, he determined that in a few different locations the foundation had sank putting stress in other areas of the foundation thus resulting in cracks and the bowing foundation walls. To remedy the problem we installed a combination of foundation piers to raise the sunken foundation, crawlspace jacks to support the bowing floor joists in the crawlspace, and wall anchors to pull the bowing wall back to level. At the client’s request, we also removed and replaced an outside staircase for cosmetic purposes.

Our client was so pleased with the experience she had with Forefront Construction and the foundation repairs we did on her home that she called us a year later to also address her crawlspace and attic insulation needs.

We installed an encapsulation system in her crawlspace sealing the structure from the bare earth below. This system helps preserve the wood foundation structure from moisture, wood rot, and other dangerous factors that can be destructive to the framing of a home. We also installed spray foam insulation in the attic. Spray foam insulation is a leading product in the insulation industry. It maintains is R-value for the lifetime of the structure being both moisture and mold resistant unlike many other insulation products. This will allow our client and her family to enjoy maximized heating effects in her home throughout the cold winter months.

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