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Crawl Space Foundation Work | Seattle

John, who works for a property investment company that had just purchased a new home, was having doubts on whether the addition had been built to code and needed additional supports. When he did a walked through in the home he noticed that there were a few supporting posts that didn’t looked right and noticed some separation from the original structure. He turned to the internet and came across Forefront Construction and decided to give us a call. John said“They sent out an inspector, who, in my opinion, is an expert on foundations. He conducted such a thorough inspection, and confirmed my suspicions; the home did need better support." The inspector proposed to add 7 crawlspace jacks, 4 pin piles, and some additional support beams. The Systems Design Specialist thoroughly explained the reasons for his recommendations, and it all made sense, at that point I asked him about how long the wait was for installation and he informed me 2 to 3 weeks out. I told him that I would take this back to the office, consult with my partners and let him know. After a few weeks of collaboration, we decided to go with Forefront Construction to work on our home in Seattle. We couldn’t be happier with our decision. I contacted that office and was able to schedule the work asap. Within a week, the work was completed.”

The crew assigned to complete this project included Forefront Construction’s lead foreman. They came out to the jobsite and didn’t waste any time. They started supporting all the areas that needed support and installed the pin piles. “The crew was great; well-mannered and efficient and cleaned up very well. Working with many different contractors on a daily basis, I was happy to add Forefront Construction to our reference list of contractors for future work. The quality of work that they did was well above expected,” John let us know when we followed up on the completion of the project.

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