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Michaela was having new flooring installed in her home, when she was informed that there was an issue with the floor in her basement. She was told that there was a crack in the floor and that there was some water seepage. At this point she knew that she had to have someone come out and look at that before she continued with the installation of the flooring. She knew that there would be no point in installing new flooring without fixing the water problem; she didn’t want to have a double expense in the flooring. She turned to Home Advisor to find a company that specializes in repairing a concrete foundation, and they connected her to Forefront Construction.

Forefront Construction conducted an inspection of the entire foundation of Michaela’s home and found that not only the main area she was concerned about did in fact need to be addressed, but there was another area that indicated the presence of water seepage as well. After showing her, the two distinct areas that needed to be addressed, Forefront Construction provided different solutions to fix her water problems. Forefront Construction worked with the homeowner to propose a solution of adding a below grade drainage system with a single sump pump system to waterproof her basement. She was also informed that the best solution included a dedicated discharge line that would redirect the water away from her foundation so that there wouldn’t be water entering her basement anymore.

After taking 3 weeks to review her options with her husband, they decided to go forth with the proposal that Forefront Construction had provided them. Forefront Construction was able to come in and complete the installation of the new waterproofing system before the flooring contractor was scheduled to come back out. They installed the system in both areas where there had been signs of water intrusion. “The crew was very efficient and finished the job in 3 days, which was perfect timing and didn’t cause a delay in having the floors installed. I was glad that I had Forefront Construction waterproof my basement because now I don’t have to worry about the water damaging my new floors.”

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