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Basement Floor is Cracked or Uneven

When you see cracks in your concrete floor or you notice that there are separations between your floor and the walls, you should pay attention to these signs of settlement.  There are many different reasons as to why your concrete slab settles. One has to do the drying and shrinking of the soils underneath the slab. When the soils below shrink, gaps are formed creating voids that provide no support to the floor slab. Another reason has to do with the washing away of the soils underneath your home. Sometimes plumbing leaks are severe enough causing a path for water to travel and erode the soils underneath once again creating voids that provide no support. Yet a third reason is due to poor compaction.  When a home is constructed, soil is back filled. If this back fill is not properly compacted, the fill with compress and settle creating a void in which the slab settles into creating cracking and breaking of the slab.