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Foundation Repair Solutions

Push Pier

Innovative Push Pier  like other resistance piers is an end-bearing pier that does not rely upon nor requires skin friction to produce support, unlike concrete cylinders. Each pier is field load tested after it is installed. These push piers are able to develop a factor of safety because the piers are installed and load tested individually using the maximum weight of the structure as the reaction force. The ability of the system to develop significant factors of safety comes from the different foundation lifting methods used between pier installation and load transfer during restoration.


Helical Pier

Innovative Helical piles are pre-manufactured steel deep foundation elements consisting of a central steel shaft and one or more helical shaped bearing plates. A helical pile is installed by rotating or screwing it into the ground. Each helical bearing plate is formed into a screw thread with a uniform defined pitch. The helical pile is installed into the ground until the helical plates are located in load bearing soil.


Helical or Underpinning Slab Brackets

Innovative steel slab brackets are simply installed on top of helical anchors to add structural strength in a deep foundation application. The helical anchor slab brackets can be mechanically or hydraulically used to lift settling slabs in much the same way as underpinning brackets are used to support footing foundations.

Helical slab bracketing is an economical approach to adding support under a slab that is sagging or needs structural reinforcement due to new loads. These brackets can be used on floating or poured on grade slabs in a geometric pattern to support both live and dead loads imposed within the structure.


Crawl space Support Jacks

Innovative Crawl space Support Jacks are a solution to sagging floors, bouncy floors and uneven floors. It is an adjustable, high capacity steel pier that supports floor joists and beams and can even raise your floor back to its original level.


Wall Anchors or Tiebacks

Innovative Helical wall tiebacks are designed to straighten or strengthen basement and retaining walls. This method of shoring has become very popular with the engineering community due to their strength and ease of measuring capacity. Helical tiebacks has many of the same benefits as other helical anchors in the fact that they install with light weight, portable equipment, are not adversely effected by weather and can be load tested immediately upon installation.