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Foundation Repair-Olympia, WA

James had been dealing with the cracked drywall and the inability to  close his doors easily since he bought his home in 2014, and frankly was tired of dealing with it. He turned to the internet in search of foundation contractors in Olympia, WA. After doing some extensive research, he came across Forefront Construction and decided to give them a call. He called and informed Forefront Construction that he has a daylight basement that has settlement in one corner and as a result of this settlement issue, he no longer could close the doors upstairs; “they just don’t lock up right,” he explained. We sent out one of our certified System Design Specialist (SDS) to meet with James and evaluate the issues he had been facing for quite some time.

The SDS completed a full inspection report and found that installing 7 Push Piers would address the issue at hand. Installing these would support the foundation in the corner that has begun to sink. James was extremely worried about any of the potential damage that could be done in the upstairs when the house was lifted in the corner. Our SDS informed them that with any attempt to lift, there could be esthetic changes such as cracking in the drywall, uneven trim or baseboard, and things of that nature. With the possibility of this happening, James decided to have the 7 Push Piers installed, but he did not want to lift the home, he just wanted to stabilize it. “If it is possible to have the home stabilized only, then I will like to go forward and get the work done,” James informed our SDS. “Of course we can do that sir,” the SDS replied.

After submitting the signed proposal and all the necessary documentation to begin the work, the crew came out 3 weeks later and installed the piers. The foreman took the time to review the entire job before they began, and this sat well with the homeowner. With a project this big, I wanted to make sure there was no miscommunication on anyone’s part. I am so glad that I chose this foundation contractor because they sure know what they are doing! I feel safe in saying that my home will no longer sink in that corner and unless you do some actual digging, you can’t even tell any work was done on the exterior of my home. They did an awesome job with the final outcome and cleaning up.”

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