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Crawlspace Support in Everett, WA

“I noticed that you are based out of Tukwila, but do you do work in Everett, WA?” was the first thing that Ms. Harvey asked when she called Forefront Construction. Forefront Construction replied,” We sure do. What seems to be the issue that you are having?’ Ms. Harvey went on to describe the problem she was experiencing with her crawlspace. She stated that she hadn’t notice any water problems, but she had noticed settlement in areas throughout her home as well as some sagging of the floor in the area where the chimney is. She also stated that she was having trouble closing some of the doors toward the back end of the house and noticed some cracking in the drywall by the door frames.  She had purchased the house in 2012 and at the time of purchasing the home she was told that the house had been leveled years ago, but now it was slanting again.

When Forefront Construction met with Ms. Harvey, it was visible to the System Design Specialist that there was significant settlement towards the back end of the home. After completing the inspection, Forefront Construction found that the home had settled 4 to 6 inches towards the North end of the home, mainly caused by the non-sufficient support posts.  In order to get the home as close to level as possible, a total of 18 Crawlspace Jacks and cast in place footings would have to be installed. Doing so would add more support to the beams and help in distributing the weight of the home so that Forefront Construction could lift and level as safely possible. Ms. Harvey was also informed that this type of work is completed in two stages. The first stage would be to install the cast in place footings. Once completed, the concrete would be given ample time to cure before the second stage could begin.  With the completion of stage one, the crew will begin adding temporary support and installing the Crawlspace Jacks. Once all the Crawlspace Jacks are installed, they begin the lifting and leveling process. She was informed that for the lifting and leveling, she would be required to be home.

Forefront Construction didn’t disappoint Ms. Harvey with her decision to hire them. As she worked with the entire Forefront Construction team, she felt secure in having them address her foundation problems because everyone took the time to explain the process and answer all her questions.  She especially appreciated that they let her know of the problems that could arise when they attempted to level the home. She was glad that she was required to be home when they attempted the lift because she was able to provide her feedback and work with the crew so she was satisfied with the final outcome of the lift. “Having someone work on the foundation of a home is scary as you often second guess your decision making skills. You start thinking of the ‘what-ifs’, but when you have someone as polite, knowledgeable, and professional as Forefront Construction inspect your home, those ‘what ifs’ go away.”

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