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Crawlspace Jacks in Bothell, WA

When Richard was ready to put his house on the market, he knew that he had to have a home inspector look at his home.  Having owned his home since 1985, he knew that there was bound to be something that needed fixing. After receiving the results from the home inspection, he looked for someone who could help him fix his foundation so that it could pass inspection. He called Forefront Construction, in search of having someone come out and help him. Forefront Construction sent out one of their inspectors to meet with Richard and review the results of the previous home inspection that had been completed. After conducting a thorough inspection himself, the inspector agreed that there were things that needed to be addressed. In order for this home to pass inspection, Forefront Construction proposed that the vapor barrier and some of the existing posts be replaced as well as adding a supplemental beam, new cast in place footings and Crawl Space Jacks be installed. Because addressing all these things would address the problem areas found on the original inspection report, Richard decided to go forward with the project.

The crew arrived onsite 3 weeks after Richard had submitted the signed proposal. They arrived on time and worked very effectively. The entire job was completed in 5 days with no complications or delays.  Not only was the crew responsible, but the office staff was great at providing daily updates on the status of the installation. There were days when Richard was not able to be at the home, but he felt so comfortable giving access to the crew knowing that they would do a great job of locking up for the day and he looked forward to the daily update call in the afternoon.

Richard was so happy with all the work that was completed because he was able to sell his house 3 months after Forefront completed the work with no issues with inspections. “Everything passed with flying colors. I am so happy that I found Forefront to complete the work on my home and help me get it ready to sell.”

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