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Structural Damage

Settling and Leaning Structures

Diligent construction is one factor in the settling of a home when building it. Jarring windows and doors, and/or cracks in the walls around these framed-in features are basic indications of poor construction, a leaning building or more settling than should occur naturally. Use a level on the outside corners of the home to see if the walls stand upright. When a home’s doors and windows are sticking or won’t open or close, the framework could be under too much stress from uneven settling or slanted walls.


Sagging Foundation

Loose bolts or poorly aligned joints. Hairline cracks in the visible exterior or interior concrete of any foundation. Large cracks usually will result extreme settling. Horizontal cracks in a foundation that's backed into a hillside sometimes may show that the home is sliding or being pushed off its footings.


Rotting Joists and Shifting

Rotten floor joists or bug-infestation is a sign of a structure damage The decay or damage, if widespread, is costly and serious. Creaking of your floor is also a sign of structural damage.


Damage to Buildings & Foundations From Roots

Despite the fact that tree roots grow very slowly, they exert tremendous amounts of pressure on whatever they are growing through or near. As they move through the ground in their eternal search for water and nutrients, they displace the soil around them. Clay soils compact more tightly, while loose, dry soil in arid climates shifts and becomes inefficient at supporting a structural load. While the roots themselves aren't capable of causing direct damage to buildings and foundations, increasingly greater soil displacement can compromise the integrity of the soil the building sits on as well as its supporting structure. If soil moves, whatever is sitting on it moves, too. Older building materials that have deteriorated over time can rise or settle as the soil displaced by extensive tree root systems moves, and the structures may develop cracks that smaller tree roots may be able to penetrate. These types of soil challenges can lead to a variety of problems for homeowners but when the right type of foundation repair is applied you can salvage the damage done to the home.