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Water in Crawl Space

Water in Crawl Space

Every crawl space is built differently, but sometimes there is one common factor among them-Standing water in the crawl space. Sometimes there is water all throughout the area and other times there is pooling in sporadic spots. Water will find the path of least resistance, which is typically underneath the footing and at the cold joint (where the foundation footing and the foundation wall meet) and is why water weasels its way into the crawl space. When this happens, most homeowners want to know where it is coming from. There are many reasons for this such as plumbing leaks, ground water, heavy rain, and cracks in the foundation.

Regardless of the case, the presence of water is never a good sign. It’s an indication that there is a bigger problem. Any form of standing water  is unhealthy for your home environment as it invites excessive moisture, mold growth, high humidity levels, and even bugs and critters. The mixture of all these things causes unhealthy air that in turn travels up through your home affecting your living space as well as you and your family.

Water in Crawl SpaceBecause there is soil in the crawl space, it soaks up water from underneath. This water will eventually move to the surface. If the issue of standing water in the crawl space is not properly addressed, the risks of causing damage to the structure of your home increases. The longer the water stands, the more humidity and moisture accumulates in the area. This accumulation will affect the support of the home as the wood will then absorb the moisture causing beams and posts to warp, bow, and/or rot.

So what is the best solution when you come across standing water in a crawl space? The first step is to contact a professional to conduct an inspection of the area to properly address the water intrusion problem present. Here at Forefront Construction, we have specially trained professionals to inspect your crawl space and your foundation.  We strive on working hand in hand with homeowners to design a system that will address the water issues.