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Crawl space, Basement and Foundation Repair-Tacoma, WA

“I need a permanent solution to the water problem I have in my crawlspace” is a statement that Forefront Construction often hears when taking a phone call from a potential customer. So was the case of Jim in Tacoma. He called because he was tired of hauling out 20 to 50 gallons of water out of his crawlspace every day or so. He never thought that he would have this problem when he purchased his home 2 years ago. All he knew is that he needed professional help, and he needed it quick.

Forefront Construction was able to calm Jim as they reassured him that waterproofing crawlspaces was one of their specialties. They were able to have someone come out within 2 days to inspect his crawlspace. He was informed that the Design Specialist would conduct a thorough and complete inspection of his entire crawlspace as well as his foundation at no cost or obligation to purchase.  When Forefront Construction arrived at his home, they found that Jim not only needed help with his crawlspace but also his basement, as his home had half a basement and half a crawlspace.  After working with Forefront Construction to create a system that would address his water problems, Jim decided to have a full perimeter below grade drainage system in both the basement and the crawlspace. He also knew that there were areas in which a new portion of a foundation would need to be added. Lucky for him, Forefront Construction also specializes in foundation repair work. This made things so convenient for Jim because he didn’t have to go out and look for another contractor. The installation process was so flawless. The crew would arrive on time every day, work very hard, and were very clean. This was a big job as three different areas of the home were being addressed and the crew was so efficient that they had no delays in the installation.

Overall, the simplicity of having only one contractor working in his home and the permanent solutions were the most appealing things that lead Jim to choose Forefront Construction to work on his home. He never imagined that contacting one company to come out and look at a water problem he was having in his crawlspace would lead to addressing the other issues he knew that he eventually would have to get fixed. “I know I made the right decision hiring Forefront Construction because I no longer have to haul out all that water myself; I have a system that takes care of that for me now.”

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