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Laura of Bremerton initially contacted Forefront Construction looking for a solution to her ongoing problem of basement flooding. She believed that the underground springs in her area was causing the water to intrude into her finished basement area. At the time, the home was equipped with two sump pumps, both one inside and one outside, and despite having two pumps the pumps still failed to keep up with the amount of water coming in. At this point, Laura was fed up with hauling her shop vacuum down the stairs and cleaning up puddles of water, sometimes even in the middle of the night. So, as a last effort much like most of our customers, Laura hired us to once and for all resolve her basement flooding problems.

To remedy the issue, we recommended and installed a water channel along the perimeter of her basement where the water was coming in. We directed the water to a new sump pump equipped with a battery backup pump, just in case the power went out or the amount of water coming in was greater than the primary pump could handle. One of Laura’s favorite things about the system was how discrete the water channel was in her finished basement.

Our crews worked efficiently despite a few unforeseen circumstances. Laura was ecstatic about the completed job and grateful for the hard work our crew did. Having experienced crew on the job that know how to properly problem-solve and continue working without delays makes all the difference and certainly did with Laura.

A few Northwest rainstorms later, Laura’s basement is still dry and her shop vacuum is now retired. Laura was in fact so satisfied with the work done by Forefront Construction that she even told a few friends about our company and now we are heading out to their home to solve their basement flooding problems as well. 

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