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Leaking Wall Cracks

One of the most common types of water seepage problems in basements is due to wall cracks. Wall cracks will form on all concrete surfaces. Most often you will find small hairline cracks that run vertically or diagonally from top to bottom on a wall.  Why are these cracks forming on my walls you may ask?

Well there are two main causes to cracking the first is due the nature of concrete. Concrete is a mixture that contains water. This water will evaporate as the concrete begins its curing process. Usually within the first three months of construction, cracks begin to form as the concrete begins to dry. The second cause is due to poor construction techniques such as improper backfilling, cold-weather pouring, and inadequate reinforcement.

So what is the good news about cracks in your foundation? Well the good news is that all concrete cracks regardless of the application. As for the bad news; if the cracks aren’t leaking now it will. Two reasons as to why cracks will leak at one point or another are 1) Water is erosive and will continue to deteriorate the crack until it creates the perfect path to enter and 2) A crack in a wall means that there are two pieces that are wedged together, the space between the pieces allows for expansion and contraction that will cause the crack to open more creating a path for water to travel through.