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Basement Waterproofing Seattle, WA

Mike had finally decided to end the countless sleepless nights he often faced when the rainy season hit Seattle. After doing some research, he called Forefront Construction and was greeted by Nichole, our customer service representative, where Mike stated “I am tired of worrying about this pesky leak in a corner of my completely finished basement. Over the years, it has caused me nothing more than a huge headache and every time I triedto find out why it leaks. I just want to fix it permanently,” he told Nichole. After obtaining more information about Mike’s problem, Nichole found a date and time in which an inspector would meet with Mike and assess the problem.  The inspector took the time to help Mike understand the causes of the leak in his basement and also worked with him to find a permanent solution to his problem.  Forefront Constructions proposed WaterDirect Systems be installed to address  Mike's water leak. WaterDirect Systems will direct all water that entered his basement directed to a new system drain. Since his basement was completely finished, adding a membrane on the wall would protect the finished wall.

Mike felt so confident that our recommended solutions will finally solve his problem that he had been dealing with for years. We assigned this project to one of our very professional, polite, and knowledgeable crews to perform the installation. The installation crew addressed the problem and finished the work professionally and quickly. Mike said “The area was left clean and looked as I expected and hoped it would. As I researched the internet for solutions on how to fix the leak in my basement, I had a written list of all the questions I needed answered before I chose a company to address my problem. I could not have been more happy choosing Forefront Construction because everyone I came in contact with answered all my questions with politeness and so much knowledge that I felt that I made the correct decision, and for that I thank you for making this a very good experience for me, regardless of my skepticism on working with contractors on home repair projects,” after completion of the project.  

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