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Basement Waterproofing in Seattle

After turning to the internet in search of a company that would help with basement water problems, Diane submitted a request through HomeAdvisor to have someone who specializes in basement waterproofing contact her and get her issues solved. Investing in a rental property is never easy, and when her tenants informed her that the carpet in one of the bedrooms was soaking wet she quickly looked for someone to help her solve the problem. Because there were no plumbing lines in the area, she had no idea where the water was coming from.

After being matched with Forefront Construction, she was contacted by a customer service specialist.and asked Diane for more information about the condition of her basement and scheduled an appointment to have Systems Design Specialist met with Diane to complete a thorough inspection of the basement. Upon opening the footing of the basement, it was evident that water was coming in through the cold joint along the southwest wall of the bedroom in the basement. Forefront Construction proposed to install the WaterDirect system along that wall to capture the water and then direct it a sump pump to be pumped out away from the foundation of the home. After receiving information about the WaterDirect sytem and getting a few more bids on how to address this problem, Diane decided to go with Forefront Construction to fix her problem.

“The installation was done quickly. It only took our company one day to install the system. Our Foreman tested the system while Diane was present, and made sure Diane understood that her systems was working property.. Diane stated that she was so impressed with the foreman becauset he explained how everything worked, especially the pump, took the time to inform Diane that the alarm would go off if the water level reached a certain point. Diane was so happy that she called our office and thank our customer service specialist, where she stated: “I now know that my tenants will no longer experience issues with the bedroom, and this was a smart investment for my investment!”

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