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Basement Foundation Repair in Seattle WA

Bruce contacted Forefront Construction because he was having issues with his basement foundation. He informed Forefront Construction that the basement foundation walls do not completely surround the basement floor and that there was dirt shifting away from under the floor out to the void in the foundation wall allowing the floor to case in. He needed to find someone who would come out and remove the broken floor, address the settlement issues and add the missing section of foundation wall in his basement.  After having sent a Design specialist to inspect Bruce’s basement, there was also evidence of water intrusion and the extent of the damages to the floor and the amount of settlement were greater than Bruce originally thought. After working closely with the Design Specialist as well as a structural and geotechnical engineer, a solution was found to end Bruce’s troubles with his basement.

It was evident that the existing structure needed to be stabilized and that the missing foundation wall needed to be installed. To do so, the installation of push piers was recommended. As far as tackling the water intrusion, the WaterDirect System was also to be installed. The erosion of the soil beneath the slab had caused major settlement and cracking in the slab, so it was also proposed that the slab be removed and then replaced after the installation of the push piers.  After submitting all the required information to the City of Seattle and obtaining the proper permits, Forefront Construction’s crew could come in and complete the work.  The installation process was lengthy because of the amount of work, but in the end Bruce had a basement without any missing walls, a structurally supported home, and a slab that was level, smooth and finished without a massive amount of cracking. Bruce couldn’t be happier with the final results. “The process was smooth, especially with the inspections and the coordination. I was happy that all the required inspections passed with flying colors! And now I can finish up my remodel, now that I don’t have missing walls in my basement!”

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