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Basement Flooding in Edmonds, WA

“I am so tired of having to wake up at 2 AM to deal with a flooding basement,” was what Beverly stated to Mina when she called Forefront Construction to address the problem that she was having.  Over the last few years the water intrusion problem had become more evident. “I can see the areas, especially one specific corner where all I see is orange and white stuff on the floor and the walls. I also see some cracks in my wall,” she continued to tell Mina. Mina let her know that she had called the right place because Forefront Construction specializes in these types of problems. She worked with Beverly to set a date and time where one of our System Design Specialists (SDS) could meet with her to evaluate her basement. She informed Beverly that the SDS would not only look at the corner she was concerned about, but he would conduct a complete and through inspection of the entire basement, this way he could pinpoint the exact area where the water was finding its way into her basement.

When the System Design Specialist came to meet with Beverly, she was very impressed with the inspection. “Not only did he inspect my entire basement on the inside, but also looked at the foundation on the outside. He also answered by questions regarding the orange and white areas on my basement floor and walls. He informed me that the orange stuff was iron ochre and that the white stuff was efflorescence.” After spending the time inspecting the entire foundation, we proposed our sub-floor drainage system WaterDirect, a TrenchDrain, a single pump system with its own dedicated discharge line, and a vapor wall system to address all her water intrusion concerns.  He informed me that the WaterDirect, TrenchDrain, and the pumping system would address the water intrusion problem that was evident in my basement. He let me know the vapor wall system would capture the moisture and water coming through the wall and redirect it into the WaterDirect system so there wouldn’t be water on my floor. All these would be interconnected and routed to a dedicated discharge line that would direct the water away from my foundation.

After taking a few days to process all the information that the System Design Specialist provided to Beverly, she decided to go forward with the project.  The crew had completed the work in a timely manner.” Not only did they work hard, but they also answered all my questions and concerns. They did a great job. No more waking up at 2AM to deal with a flooding basement,” she stated upon completion of the work.

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