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Basement Finishing

Vapor Barrier Wall System

A vapor barrier wall system is a wall liner that is fastened to the concrete wall with fasteners. This liner serves as a moisture barrier when placed on the concrete walls. Not only does it help water vapor from permeating through the walls, but also is a fast and economical way to cover those ugly concrete walls and brighten your basement.  When this wall system is paired with our drainage system, it also directs any wall leaks or moisture straight into the drainage system.


Bright White Wall System

This wall system includes the installation of durable sturdy panels that cover your concrete walls creating a bright, clean semi-finished look while keeping wall surfaces dry. These panels are secured with drilled in white fasteners.


Finished Wall System

If you are looking for more than just a simple finish to cover your ugly concrete walls, Forefront Construction offers a selection of wall systems that gives you a complete finished look. Some options include replacing your wood framing with metal studs and installing a finished waterproof wall panel so that you never have to worry about wood rot or mold.


Flooring SystemsFlooring Systems

Basement flooring tiles are specifically designed for installation in your basement. Our tiled flooring creates a waterproof moisture barrier between the cold, damp concrete floor. These tiles comes in a variety of styles and colors.