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Basement Waterproofing and Drainage, Auburn, WA

After having his tenants complain about the musty smells and the wet carpet because of water in the basement, our client decided to contact a professional at Forefront Construction.

His biggest concern was addressing this issue so that he could keep his tenants happy.  When our Systems Design Specialists inspected the basement, he found water coming in through the cold joint and moisture on the walls. Because this is a rental property, it was imperative that the entire perimeter be protected so that it would stay dry all year round and his tenants would not have to deal with any wet floors.

After working with our Systems Design Specialist, our client decided to go forth with the installation of a full perimeter basement drainage system along with a single sump pump and a battery backup sump pump. We also installed a vapor barrier wall system to protect the finished walls from the moisture wicking through the concrete walls.

After our installation crew completed the work, our client, and his tenants, were relieved that the water problems now were under control.  They said that the best part, other than addressing the issue and the cleanup, was when the foreman took the time to show them how the newly installed system and both sump pumps work. After the explanations, our client knew he had made the right choice in protecting his investment property.

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