Foundation Repair Experts

Foundation Cracks

Knowing the early signs of foundation issues will help in preventing bigger problems. You may notice hairline cracks here and there, but when bigger cracks appear in foundation walls, interior walls or even on your concrete floors, you should be alert to bigger changes happening. We have trained experts to provide an evaluation of the foundation of the home.

The foundation for a healthy home

At Forefront Construction, we know that not all houses and buildings are not built the same. We offer complete solutions custom-designed to fit your needs. We don't limit you to one manufacturer - we find the best solution to save you money!

Water in your Crawl Space?

Have you ever gone down to your crawl space to address one issue and come across something you did not expect? Yes- standing water in your crawl space! Water intrusion is a problem that is common in crawl spaces because water finds a way in, typically through the cold joint and below the footing.

Basement Flooding?

At Forefront Construction we specialize in addressing water issues that often affect basements. From addressing water intrusion through the walls, floors, and/or cold joints to installing specialty basement floor tiles, the professionals at Forefront Construction will be able to offer a variety of waterproofing solutions.

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We fix basements and foundations problems permanently!

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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Have you noticed any cracking in your foundation walls, problems opening and closing windows or doors, sagging and unlevel floors? These are symptoms of structural foundation problems. It is a good idea to have your foundation inspected by a trained consultant that will help identify the problem and offer the perfect solution.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Does your basement or crawl space experience water leakage, damp or musty odors, and/or have mold? These trouble causing issues should not be ignored, although most often are. Finding the proper solution for these problems is the first step in creating a healthy living environment for you and your home.

Crawl Space Solutions

Crawl Space Solutions

Have you noticed a musty smell throughout your home? Well this is a common sign that there is a lot of moisture and dampness throughout your crawlspace. It is important to be able to address these issues for various reasons. Air travels from the bottom up throughout the home.

We Are Your Foundation Experts

Forefront Construction, LLC. specializes in foundation repair, concrete, crawlspace repair and basement and crawlspace waterproofing for both residential and commercial structures.  Forefront Construction is a locally run, fully insured and bonded company that promises quality and superior customer service. We use quality materials from a wide network of distributors that boast cutting edge industry technology in waterproofing and foundation repair.

Forefront Construction offers customers what other companies simply cannot: Permanent solutions to your foundation repair and waterproofing needs with transferrable warranties on patented systems.  If you are having issues with unleveled or sagging floors, cracking in your foundation, concrete, and/or water in your basement or crawlspace, give us a call to schedule a no-obligation home inspection with one our knowledgeable certified System Design Specialist. We are your foundation and waterproofing specialists in the Puget Sound.

This crew was great and gave me perfect advice. I had been waiting for years to have my basement renewed and I really needed it waterproofed having been through a few floods in my basement. It feels very liveable now and I am so pleased to finally have this accomplished and it feels so much cleaner and dry. The entire team was great and very hospitable throughout the time period of reconstruction. Thank you Forefront Construction!

Felicity E.Seattle, WA

Prompt, professional, personalized attention! The Forefront Construction team put my fears to rest from start to finish. The design specialist listened to my concerns, developed & described the repair and had a formal solution in my inbox within 24 hours - on a weekend!!! The foreman explained each step and left the yard seemingly untouched. And the front office made me feel like I was there only customer. Forefront Construction was the best phone call I’ve made this year! My father was noted for customer service and quality of workmanship, Forefront Construction gave me that same sense of professional, personalized attention. 100% satisfied!

David F.Kingston, WA

We were troubled by small foundation cracks in our older home for years, but simply patched them. One winter water began seeping in through a crack into our (finished) basement--what a disaster. We talked to many contractors who all had their own solutions, most of which involved patching, not fixing, the problem. Cory from Forefront Construction was the only one who actually analyzed the problem and developed a strategic solution. He also invited and actively helped me get to see projects they had completed--all of which had resolved their water and settling problems resolved forever! That convinced me to go with Forefront Construction and we were not disappointed. The crew was very professional and really cared about their work. We had several things done at once--re-routing drainage, fixing existing drainage, and best of all providing solid piers which miraculously closed the cracks in our brickwork and made our porch level again. The workmen were courteous, attentive and made the project as smooth and streamlined as it could possibly be. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone facing foundation problems

Sandy S.Seattle, WA

After fighting water coming in our basement for over 20 years, I gave Forefront Construction a call. They sent someone out to talk to my husband and I, and he thoroughly explained what needed to be done to fix the problem. I was skeptical because we had tried many things over the years and nothing worked. Needless to say I was wrong and the problem was FIXED :-) Thank you Forefront Construction for all the hard work and for helping us breathe easier......Traci, Whidbey Island

Traci C.Clinton, WA

We were very happy with all those on the work crew for the excellent work they performed, for their gracious manners, and for their professionalism. The finished product in our basement is impressive. We have retired our Shop-vacs, and we now feel secure as the Seattle rain comes down.

John and Gail W.Seattle, WA

I had a very pleasing experience working with Forefront Construction. From the salesman fully explaining the job, costs and technical work, to the office appointment scheduler and onsite work crews it was very professionally done. Thanks, Ruth and Ted

Ruth and Ted S.Seattle, WA

Forefront Construction  took on a very difficult project for us that involved 7 distinct town home buildings. The project took time and patience on the part of all parties and Forefront Construction rose to the challenge. There system has ensured no water intrusion since completion. A great big thank you!

Eernisse ApartmentsVashon Island, WA

Since my crawlspace restoration, I joke with my visiting family members asking if they want to go hang out in the crawlspace. So far I have had no takers, their loss! The crew(s) worked continuously and only took a short break to eat lunch on the lawn. My wife offered to them to come sit on the deck in our deck furniture, but they would not do so. I monitor the temperature and humidity daily and it is always about 60 F and 70 % humidity. Even when it is in the low 40s or high 30s outside, raining cats and dogs, dry and foggy, etc. No bugs, or other worse stuff in there so far. No signs that they will return either! Thanks Forefront Construction!

Ted W.Port Orchard, WA

Excellent system. Solved our drainage problem permanently. The entire process handled professionally, from initial contact to project completion. We also had our crawl space sealed and carpet/flooring tiles installed. Everything looks great. Our basement is dry. No more musty odor. Highly recommend this company.

John and Christina P.Kirkland, WA

I really liked their personal service. Forefront Construction really treats their customers well.

John L.Mill Creek, WA, WA

Forefront Construction did a fabulous job with our crawl space. It encountered water and thirty five year old construction debris in their work and put in long hours to complete the job. Prior to this work being done by Forefront Construction there was mold in the living room and now this problem is gone.

Charles Z.Seattle, WA

After having Forefront Construction installed water guards in my basement I can sleep like a baby. No more worries about my basement being flooded with the triple safe sump pump planted in my basement. The crews were very professional and hardworking. It was the best investment I ever made to my house. It was worth every dime I spent on it. I am very glad I went with Forefront Construction. No regrets WHATSOEVER. If you have water in your basement I would highly recommend you call this company first before signing on the dotted lines with their rivals.

Seang TeEdmonds, WA

I did alot of research on the subject of water issues in basements and talked to lots of experts on the subject. . Your (Forefront Construction) design was by far the best. My basement would flood periodically from fall through spring every year. Since the system was installed, I've endured many extreme water events in my area with not a trace of moisture. The work was completed on time and the quality and communication was top-notch. Rain is no longer a bad thing.

Mike K.Marysville, WA

Foundation Repair Services

Basement Waterproofing Services in Seattle, WA

Basement Waterproofing Services in Seattle, WA

People have been struggling with water intrusion in basements for hundreds of years. The soils surrounding your home will settle causing voids in the soil. When these voided spaces are temporarily filled with rain water, it causes hydrostatic pressure. This pressure then pushes the water into the basement leaving you with a mess to clean up. learn more

Crawl Space Repair Solutions

Crawl Space Repair Solutions

The natural air flow in a house is from bottom to top. The earth has very high humidity in the soil causing water vapor to move easily into the crawl space and up into the house environment. This damp environment is both unhealthy and destructive as it invites insects, critters of all kinds and mold. The dampness also provides an environment in which mold may produce airborne spores by the millions. It also causes structural damage such as rot and decay begin to occur due to high humidity. learn more

Structural Damage

Structural Damage

Dirt crawl spaces provide the perfect growing environment for mold spores to grow because of the humidity levels and the organic material often found in crawl spaces. The relative humidity in a crawl space ranges from 50% to 90%. This high humidity can also lead to wood rot causing damage to floor joist, rim joists, posts and beams. learn more

Pumps & Dehumidification Systems

Pumps & Dehumidification Systems

Ever wonder how to remove that standing water or that excessive moisture in your basement or crawlspace? A pumping system is a critical element in any waterproofing system. A pumping system will remove that standing water and keep the water flowing away from your home. A great way to control moisture from this air is with a dehumidifcation system. So what can you do ensure that you will be protected at all times? Well lets explore your options... learn more

Basement Finishing

Basement Finishing

Converting your unfinished basement into a finished space with a waterproof wall and flooring options is a great way to make the area look great while keeping you protected from moisture and humidity in the future. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a dry, safe, and healthy area below your home. learn more



We offer a complete line of foundation products for the remedial repair of existing structures as well as end-bearing deep foundations for new construction applications. Operating throughout Washington, we specialize in foundation solutions for new construction of all types, including commercial, residential, government, and municipal buildings, as well as all other structures. learn more

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Your home's structural integrity depends on the strength of your foundation because it is the support for your walls, windows, floors, doorways, and roof. A damaged foundation can cause serious problems throughout your home. Some of the most common threats to the foundation are expanding and contracting soil, excessive moisture and inadequate drainage. Overtime these threats can cause shifting, cracking or settlement unevenly. Homeowners often miss early warning signs of damage and need to seek out foundation repair after it is too late. learn more