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Battery Back Up Pumping System

The Backup system is an excellent value in reliability and protection.

Included Components:

Battery Back Up Sump Pump (12 volt)

  • Vertical Float Switch
  • 8 amp charger
  • Wiring Harness
  • Rubber coupling with stainless steel brackets
  • AGM Battery
  • Includes a powerful, eight amp charger with five charging stages for quick recovery time. 
  • The pump's base avoids having the pump become clogged from debris.
  • Audible and lighted alarms indicate system status.
  • Long stroke float switch pumps a full 7 inches of water from pit each cycle and is made of non-corrosive materials.  The most energy a pump consumes and the most wear and tear on a pump is during the startup of each cycle.  By having a switch with a long stroke, we reduce the number of cycles, therefore saving battery life and extending the overall life of the pump.  The switch can be mounted anywhere on the discharge pipe to prevent it from being obstructed in the pit and not turning on the pump.