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Zoeller M53

We offer our customers Zoeller pumps with our pumping systems. The M53 pump is the smallest size pump we offer to our customers. Our professional installers will install the M53 pump along with one of our sealed basins.

The Zoeller M53 pump offers the following features:

  • Float-operated, submersible,  long-cycle systems available
  • Cast Iron and Stainless steel parts are used
  • No screens to clog
  • Solid, buoyant, polypropylene float
  • Oil-filled, hermetically-sealed, automatic reset thermal overload protected motor
  • Carbon and ceramic shaft seal
  • Passes ½” (13 mm) spherical solids
  • 1½” NPT discharge
  • Watertight and dust-tight
  • 1/3 Horsepower Pump
  •   3 year manufacturer warranty