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Crawl Space Foundation Repair in Puyallup

After dealing with the settlement issues of a home for 25 years, Jeff contacted Innovative Foundation Solutions to address his main concern in his home: the uneven floors in areas throughout his home. Over the course of the years, Jeff had noticed more cracking in his drywall and that the levelness in his floors was getting worse. “It was time to figure out what was going on with my house and why my floors were uneven so I searched for contractors in my area that could remedy the issue,” Jeff told our office staff when he called in to set the appointment. With his growing concern, we scheduled our lead foundation design specialist to meet with Jeff and explain to him what was going on with his home.

After meeting with multiple contractors, Jeff chose to have Innovative Foundation Solutions install 6 push piers and 2 crawlspace jacks. “IFS did a great job of explaining everything from the reasons why my house was settling to the solutions to prevent further settlement, level and stabilize by home. Of all the people we had come and look at the problem, we felt most comfortable with IFS because he was the most informative about the problem, solution, and installation. My comfort level didn’t stop with the inspector, both the office staff and the installation crew was very skilled as they relayed the same information IFS did on what to expect throughout this entire process. At this point, I knew that I had made the right choice.” The crew arrived on site for the installation and Jeff had some questions on the installation process and the concrete patio. Santiago, the foreman on site, reassured him that any concrete that was necessary to remove would be replaced once the push piers had been installed and the home had been lifted to level and that everything would be put back to the way it was before we began the work. After all the push piers were installed, Jeff couldn’t have been happier to have leveled floors again. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw how nice and neat the crew left the jobsite, especially since it had been raining and it was muddy out.

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