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Crawl Space Repair Solutions

Sagging floors, wood rot, mold on your baseboards, condensation on your windows or a high electric bill can all be signs that your crawl space needs to be repaired. When you have a crawl space problem, the rest of your home has problems creating headaches and stress. We can help!

We have a crawl space repair solution for every type of crawl space problem: from a moldy crawl space to house settling to a crawl space moisture problem, and everything in between. Our team of professional crawl space repair experts will design the perfect solution for your home.


Water in Crawl space?

Water in your crawl space is the source of your home's number one enemy: humidity. It's important to know that your crawl space humidity doesn't stay in your crawl space. The humid air circulates through your home, increasing your home's indoor humidity which is not only uncomfortable but invites dust mites and mold into your home. So don't be fooled into thinking that crawl space water is just a puddle, it's creating major problems in your home.


Sagging floors

When you walk through your home, do you have squeaky floors? Do decorations and glasses rattle as you walk by? Or are the sagging floors only in one section of your home? This is a sign that your home's interior support system is not able to safely support the weight of the home above. This means that your sagging floor is more than just a sagging floor – it's a serious safety problem!


Excessive Condensation and Moisture

Crawl space condensation means you have a moisture problem in your crawl space. Moisture problems, or crawl space humidity, can be caused by loose access doors, a dirt crawl space or venting your crawl space. Crawl space condensation damages wood floor joists, ruins crawl space insulation and creates the perfect environment for bugs, dust mites, mold and mildew.


Mold in your Crawl space

A moldy crawl space could be affecting your health. The mold that's living in your crawl space could be moving up into your living space; increasing allergy and asthma problems.


Foundation Crack in your Crawl space

A Crawl space foundation crack can show up as a stair-step crack, vertical crack or horizontal crack. While these cracks may seem like an easy fix, a crack in your crawl space foundation is a sign that your crawl space needs repair.

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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Have you noticed any cracking in your foundation walls, problems opening and closing windows or doors, sagging and unlevel floors? These are symptoms of structural foundation problems. It is a good idea to have your foundation inspected by a trained consultant that will help identify the problem and offer the perfect solution.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Does your basement or crawl space experience water leakage, damp or musty odors, and/or have mold? These trouble causing issues should not be ignored, although most often are. Finding the proper solution for these problems is the first step in creating a healthy living environment for you and your home.

Crawl Space Solutions

Crawl Space Solutions

Have you noticed a musty smell throughout your home? Well this is a common sign that there is a lot of moisture and dampness throughout your crawlspace. It is important to be able to address these issues for various reasons. Air travels from the bottom up throughout the home.

Real Estate

Real Estate

Looking to sell your property? It is common practice that a home inspection be conducted during a real estate transaction. Don't let foundation or water problems decrease the value of your home. We work closely with the buyer, seller, and/or the escrow company. Selling a home should not be stressful. Innovative is here to help you.