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Basement Waterproofing Lakewood, WA

As a new construction home, our client's builder Dan contacted Innovative to aid in waterproofing the basement it was finished. He noticed a higher volume of moisture and humidity and wanted the help of an expert in that field. After meeting with us, he decided to have a drainage system installed in the areas that were a concern to him. He also elected to have a triple pumping system installed. At this time it was recommended that a wall system and a dehumidifier also be installed, but both the builder and the homeowner agreed that this could be done at another time, depending on how well the first installation went. After having our crews in to install the drainage system to control the water intrusion issues that were present, both the builder and homeowner were extremely satisfied. “The crew did such a great job cleaning up. This was my biggest concern as the home is brand new. It was ready for me to move in!” said our client when she called us a second time. She was now moved in and wanted more work done! “I think it is time to get that dehumidifier we talked about a few months ago, and I also would like to add some of your finished tiles.” And this is what she got the second time around. Because of the great experience that she had the first time, she wanted to do the work that had been recommended and then some. She of course requested the same crew, and unfortunately, that crew was working on a big project, but we assured her that all our crews are well trained and qualified to do our installations and that she would not be disappointed with the next crew. Once again, she was happy with the work. The second crew came in and continued working in her space. She was happy to know that the second crew was also able to complete the installation efficiently with high quality. “The time and precision taken to install my flooring while, addressing some concerns I can in regards to the triple pump placement and the flooring were mind blowing. I had one crew install the pump months ago, and the questions that I didn’t have for them at that time were answered by the second crew as if they had been the original installers. This gave me confidence that all the installers are well trained and know the systems they install. It showed me the high level of professionalism and pride that they take to complete their projects.”

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